Monday, November 8, 2010

Seoul Much To Do: Chapter 2 - N Seoul Tower is for Lovers

Thinking of that place to celebrate an anniversary, impress a girl on a first date, or get that spark back.  How about a picnic by a lake?  Or a fancy Italian restaurant?  Maybe an observation tower?  If you happen to be in Seoul, South Korea, the obvious pick is observation tower.  The N Seoul Tower is only 777 feet tall.  Not too tall by comparison to other observation towers, but put that on top of a 798 foot mountain and you're 1,574 feet above the great city of Seoul!  It's sure to take your relationship to new heights.

Thrilling Cable Car Ride

Sweep her of her feet by beginning your evening with a romantic and exciting cable car ride to the top of the mountain.  At the base of the tower you'll find a number of places to solidify your love.  Buy a "lover's lock" and find the perfect spot to tell her that she's found the combination to your heart.  You can then lock up your love together on a lock tree or lock railing where it will remain forever.

Love Lock Trees

Lock up your love

Take the evening to the next level at the top of the tower.  Light up her smile with a panoramic view of Seoul's dazzling night skyline.  It's sure to brighten up the mood.  Then complete your evening with a dizzying meal at the revolving restaurant at the tower's peak.  Show her that you're a man of high taste.  N Seoul Tower: Rise Above the Rest (and get a pretty cool view).
There's a bright smile!

Night View

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